Our Story

Coffee is something most of us drink everyday. My wife (Jenn) and I (Jason) launched Send Me Some Joe in the summer of 2018 as a way to improve the lives of those in need every month while delivering something people consume everyday. The idea came from a coffee fundraiser from a colleague of mine.

I remember walking into the break room and seeing the fundraising sheet with only a few names on it and wondering why fundraisers selling coffee, something a lot of people drink daily, are only offered a few times a year. Why couldn’t we offer a sort-of “fundraiser” for charities using a product people consume everyday? Even more, since coffee is one of those products you buy regularly, why couldn’t you support your favorite cause and get fresh coffee delivered to your doorstep each month?

The answer to these questions fueled the creation of Send Me Some Joe.

How Send Me Some Joe works

Send Me Some Joe is a coffee subscription fundraising platform for causes that improve the lives of those in need. Every month a portion from each coffee subscription is donated to causes that share a similar mission.

We partner with an award-winning coffee roaster in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, St. Thomas Roasters, to supply coffee subscribers with fresh, high-quality coffee every month, or every 2 weeks. Coffee is shipped within a few days of roasting to assure you receive the freshest coffee possible.

There are over 40 flavors to choose from along with the option to make special requests so you always get your coffee the way you like it. Can’t decide on a flavor, no problem! Choose the “Flavor Tour” option and try new and exciting blends every month. Switch your flavor, bean type, and delivery frequency at anytime.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Choose your favorite cause
  2. Setup your coffee subscription
  3. Receive the coffee at your doorstep and love it!
  4. A portion of your coffee subscription is donated to your chosen cause by the 10th of each month
  5. Feel better about the coffee you drink

Read about how we are making an impact with participating causes each month.

Individual causes can start a coffee subscription fundraiser through the platform. A portion of each subscription is donated to participating causes by the 10th of each month. It’s a great way for these organizations to build a recurring stream of donations without having to handle all of the logistics involved with delivering coffee through a subscription.

We believe that coffee isn’t something that just picks us up in the morning, afternoon, or for some of us, all day. It’s a gateway to improve the lives of those in need.

Our mission is to improve the lives of those in need through the love of fresh coffee. The love that goes into making fresh, amazing coffee. The love and care it takes to process and ship it. The love that is felt when taking that first sip. The love shared with others that need it the most. Love is something that can be passed from one to another in just about any form.

Our vision is to take the love for fresh coffee and transform it into something bigger. Something more than just a cup of joe. Something that makes a quantifiable impact on the lives of those that need it most, whether human, animal, or otherwise. Together, with the support of our coffee subscribers, we can transform love for fresh coffee into something that makes the world a better place.

Raising our mugs to you,

Jason and Jenn Verdelli
Founders of Send Me Some Joe